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We at B & M Garments believe in surpassing the expectations of customers. Going out of our way to do little things that make all the difference. The value of our customers’ time is well appreciated by us. Timely delivery with excellent quality is thus our hallmark.

We drape the world in comfort.

B&M Garments is one of the largest textile Company in Southern Africa, Our reach has extended to a lot of the European countries, part of the United States and Southern Africa.100% Cotton Knitwear is our forte-for garments and basic wear for ladies, Children and Men in Ribs, Single Jersey and Pique. A t B&M Garments, we focus on the right balance between comfort and fashion. Elegant styles, vibrant colors and precision are a part of our daily life at B&M. A Dash of vivaciousness, a bit of panache and a lot ease are knit together to form our fabrics-the last word in knitwear. It is hardly surprising then that our products have reached out to all major parts of the European Union, USA and Canada in Significant numbers. One of our major clients is Hennes & Mauritz, a name which need no introduction.

Our Vertically integrated factory includes

• In house screen printing and embroidery facilities
• Circular Knitting machines for Ribs, S/J, polo, pique, fleece
• Dyeing machines, squeezer, dryer & calendaring machines
• Automatic spreader, cutting machine

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Having acquired a strong foothold in the international market we are now aiming to explore further avenues in other regions.

Terms of Business:

The minimum order size is 1,500 pieces per Style and 500 pieces per color way. The capacity reservation required is 3 to 4 months prior to delivery date. Normal production lead time: 8 weeks for initial orders and 4-6 weeks for repeat orders, depending on style.


• 1*1 Rib • Polo Pique • Waffle
• 2*1 Rib • Unbrushed Fleece • Stripped Fabric
• Single Jersey • Interlock • 1*1 Lycra

Cotton yarn imported from India are knitted into greige cloth using circular knitting machines . B&M knit several types of cloth – Single Jersey ( 145 – 160gsm) 1x1( 220 gsm ) & 2x2 Rib ( 220 – 240 gsm ) and polo pique( 180 gsm ) . There are 13 knitting machines , 11 Juin Long machines from Taiwan and 2 Mayer machines from Germany . The average daily production is 2500 – 3200 kg and the monthly capacity is about 55 – 65 tons of greige cloth.


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